The “Mobile Ticket” allows you to keep your distance from the kiosk …

The “Mobile Ticket” allows you to keep your distance from the kiosk …

Innovation is coming to your Géant Casino hypermarkets

You can now enter the queue from one of your fresh departments (cheese dairy for example) by taking a “Mobile” ticket. This ticket is not paper but virtual, and is displayed on your smartphone.

The Mobile Ticket allows you to have an indication of the number of customers in front of you. So you keep shopping without worrying about losing your place in the queue. When your mobile ticket is called, an audible alert sounds on your phone notifying you that your turn has arrived.

How to take a mobile ticket?

When you are in front of one of the fresh department kiosk, you will see a QRCODE. Scan the QRCODE with your smartphone and you will be redirected to the “Ticket Mobile” application. All you have to do is choose your department on your phone, and the mobile ticket will appear indicating your position in the queue.

The mobile ticket is taken without contacting the distributor. It therefore responds to new health recommendations. In addition to the fact that a mobile ticket taken, it is an unprinted ticket, it increases the freedom of movement of its owner. While you are waiting, you can continue shopping.

Some technical details

The Mobile Ticket is a pure responsive web solution that works with QMATIC Orchestra 7, the most popular queue management platform evolved from the market (more than 62,000 installations worldwide). VisualCom represents Qmatic for New Caledonia.

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