Queuing Management

The reception of your customers, visitors can bring you a lot if it is well organized. VisualCom offers QMATIC solutions in New Caledonia.
From a simple ticket dispenser to an appointment with a Smartphone call-back, an organized wait offers more serenity for your customers for more sales opportunities.
VisualCom based in New Caledonia shines the QMATIC brand in the South Pacific zone. With more than 60,000 installations worldwide, Qmatic offers software and hardware systems to drive the course of your visitors.

Orchestra is the most successful platform on the market and integrates with all types of information systems. Whether you have 1 window to multi-agency, multi-service management with online appointment making and / or taking virtual tickets, Orchestra will answer your request.

Administration, banking, retailing, the Orchestra platform adapts to any type of market and greatly enhances the experience of your visitors.
27 August 2021

L’agence Lagoon du Plexus améliore l’accueil de ses clients

Il est bien connu que seul ce qui est mesurable peut être amélioré ; Et pour prendre la mesure des temps d’attentes et de traitement par démarche, le fournisseur d’accès s’est doté de ce qui se fait de mieux dans le domaine avec l’acquisition de la plateforme ORCHESTRA de Qmatic.
21 May 2020

The “Mobile Ticket” allows you to keep your distance from the kiosk …

Innovation is coming to your Géant Casino hypermarkets You can now enter the queue from one of your fresh departments (cheese dairy for example) by taking a “Mobile” ticket. This […]
14 April 2020

Interior Led Panel Pitch 3

In 2016, Form+ began renovating its sports hall located in the city centre, in the Almatrium gallery. To impact its visitors, and the customers of the restaurant Café Almatrium, the […]
10 April 2020

The UNC has a Digital Signage network deployed by Visualcom.

The University of New Caledonia used VisualCom to deploy its digital signage. The chalenge, for the communication service of the UNC, was to be able to broadcast TV content from […]
21 March 2020

Welcoming the public during a pandemic

The current situation regarding COVID-19 obliges us all to take precautionary measures and to practice “social distancing” (1.5 m) to reduce the risk of infection. For businesses, this poses some […]
12 July 2019

Marketing Context#Orchestra_07

With Orchestra 7, it is possible to display content depending on the visitor’s approach. This can be a promo offer, instructions (“don’t forget your ID” for example). These messages can […]