Dynamic Display

Our software and hardware solutions will enable you to create, plan and broadcast video content on screens of any size.

Our partnerships with CMS publishers dedicated to digital signage including Omnivex and Cube Digital Media, allow us to provide the best solution for all types of projects.

The Monitors we offer are part of the "Philips commercial Display" range. Highly reliable (MTBF: 50 000 H), they allow us to automate the operating ranges and build video walls for control rooms or digital menus .
14 April 2020

Interior Led Panel Pitch 3

In 2016, Form+ began renovating its sports hall located in the city centre, in the Almatrium gallery. To impact its visitors, and the customers of the restaurant Café Almatrium, the […]
10 April 2020

The UNC has a Digital Signage network deployed by Visualcom.

The University of New Caledonia used VisualCom to deploy its digital signage. The chalenge, for the communication service of the UNC, was to be able to broadcast TV content from […]
21 September 2017

Celio New Caledonia selected VisualCom for its Dynamic Display

Celio New Caledonia has a Philips video wall of 3.3 m by 1.92 m high! Composed of 3 84” Philips monitors, this video wall is controlled by an I-Base SI-304 […]
11 October 2016

VisualCom installs McDonald’s New Caledonia Digital Menus

Displaying your menu on screens is now a must in the fast food market, especially when you want to be responsive and maintain your leading position. On your next visit […]
1 August 2014

LED panel 3 m by 2 m

Here is our last installation of Led panel 3 m by 2 m. Powered by NeoScreen, this screen can stream graphics, text, videos and animations.