Queuing Management

The reception of your customers, visitors can bring you a lot if it is well organized. VisualCom offers QMATIC solutions in New Caledonia.
From a simple ticket dispenser to an appointment with a Smartphone call-back, an organized wait offers more serenity for your customers for more sales opportunities.
VisualCom based in New Caledonia shines the QMATIC brand in the South Pacific zone. With more than 60,000 installations worldwide, Qmatic offers software and hardware systems to drive the course of your visitors.

Orchestra is the most successful platform on the market and integrates with all types of information systems. Whether you have 1 window to multi-agency, multi-service management with online appointment making and / or taking virtual tickets, Orchestra will answer your request.

Administration, banking, retailing, the Orchestra platform adapts to any type of market and greatly enhances the experience of your visitors.
12 July 2019

Marketing Context#Orchestra_07

With Orchestra 7, it is possible to display content depending on the visitor’s approach. This can be a promo offer, instructions (“don’t forget your ID” for example). These messages can […]
6 April 2019

Taking appointments online with Orchestra 7

In standard Orchestra 7 allows the integration of a booking module into its website.
26 March 2019

With Orchestra 7, drive your receptions

How many customers are currently waiting in your agencies? What is the current average processing time per process and agency? Orchestra 7’s Operation Panel answers this question.  Coupled with this […]
24 January 2019

Protected: Test de Qwebbook

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31 December 2018

VisualCom organizes the appointments of country continuity card applicants

Every start of each year, Air-Caledonia agencies are experiencing a record number of visitors to renew the “Continuity Country” cards. 2019 marks a turning point in the organization of the […]
21 September 2017

Celio New Caledonia selected VisualCom for its Dynamic Display

Celio New Caledonia has a Philips video wall of 3.3 m by 1.92 m high! Composed of 3 84” Philips monitors, this video wall is controlled by an I-Base SI-304 […]