Advertising Campaign

VisualCom helps you to know your products and your brand! How?
By broadcasting on professional Philips screens your advertising in full HD. These screens are placed in places that welcome the public. For most broadcast points, this is a place where visitors come to relax and we believe that associating your brand with the pleasure of these captive visitors is the winning formula for the message to pass.

The Malecon Coffee, The End of the World, Almatrium Coffee, the Pergola, The Thatched Cottage, The Oxygene Gym and many more .... The network continues to expand and today has a potential of 420,000 views per month !

A product or a service to put forward with the most relevant CPM of the market, let us highlight your images (and your image :)); call us at +687 27 22 84.
4 December 2015

Korail at the French Bridge, butchery 2.0

From the opening of the Korail butchery at the French Bridge, customers were able to discover QMATIC Tactile QSOLO ticket dispenser. With his ticket, the visitor can calmly look at […]
20 September 2014

How many prospects have seen your ad?

Answering this question is essential and here is how we are able to do it… Thanks to the ” Air Pack ”; The Air pack includes the diffusion of Pubs […]
29 July 2014

Not to miss. ..

Soon on the screens of the numbers of the queues of the Magenta airport and the Manhattan agency. Click to view video.
17 June 2014

Visualcom makes the wait interesting

Aircal leverages the audience generated by its services and broadcasts interesting content. Time passes faster by reading a weather report, or “up to date” information.
12 March 2014

Koné Travel Fair is this weekend!

We will be present at the Travels Salon from this Friday on various stands including the Pacific Lagoon. The opportunity for us to make dynamic display demos… Don’t hesitate to […]